Bubur Ayam HI

Serves 4

Chicken porridge is something that I often have since my childhood. When I was a toddler, my parents friend own a Chinese restaurants. They have good mutual relations..hi..hi..my parent will bring their business partners to the restaurants and they will serve what’s best in their menu and totally fresh from the sea as the restaurant was just next to it. On special occasion they will give us boxes of shrimps as the owner also exports shrimp abroad. Really good quality tiger prawns and lobster by the kilos. Sometimes too many that my parents give it away to their colleagues.

Then we had to move to Jakarta, as the house was still preoccupied so we had to stay in the hotel first. At that time there where still the only one hotel, nations pride “Hotel Indonesia”. It was great, the city was clean, not a lot of people and hardly any cars. There were two options for breakfast, one is their famous bubur ayam the other was nasi goreng. We always choose the bubur ayam. It was a big bowl of porridge, sprinkled with cakwe, corriander leaves and raw egg yolk in the bottom. Thirty year later, the hotel went bankrupt because it couldn’t compete with other emerging new ones from international chains. Kempinsky bought and opened it again. They kept the famous bubur ayam but now slightly different, with satay and soto soup. At my time, it was more like chinese congee and maybe the basic spices where just salt, ginger and chicken stock.  

In the beginning, after several trials of making porridge. I had always wondered how to keep the moist of the porridge and keeping the taste on hand. It turns out that you can do it with two ways. The first, is by doubling the stock and add it when you heat the porridge again. The second method, is keeping it warm in the rice cooker. When Autumn came, we all caught a cold, so I decided to do a remake of bubur ayam HI with what ever I can find in the kitchen and it turned out wonderful. Here is the recipe!

1 cup rice
8 cups water
1 chicken breast
6 cm ginger
1 green onion
½ small onion
2 garlic
salt to taste
4 egg yolk

How to prepare:
-cut ginger into thin slices,
-cut green onion into 1 cm pieces
-crush the garlic
-boil water, chicken, ginger, onion, green onion, garlic and salt for 20 minutes
-take out chicken and let it drain, rip until little pieces , set aside
-clear the soup from the  ginger, onion, green onion, and garlic.
-rinse 1 cup of rice and put into the rice cooker
-take 7 cups of soup and add into the rice cooker, turn it on

How to serve:
-Take egg yolk (room temperature) and place in the bottom of the bowl
-add the rice porridge
-sprinkle with anything you like : chopped coriander leaves, shrimp crackers, meat floss, etc
-light soy sauce and chili
-give a dash of pepper to taste

If you want to cook and keep it in a pan, double they chicken stock and separate half of it. Each time you leave the porridge it will absorb the whole water. Therefore by adding the water and stirring slowly while cooking, you will keep the porridge water level steady


4 thoughts on “Bubur Ayam HI

  1. Kuning telurnya memikat banget *drooling*
    aku juga suka banget bubur ama dari kecil juga makan bubur sayur buatan rumah, di bikinin sambel ikan terasi, goreng ikan asin. yummieee, pake ceker ama kepala ama hati ayam, komplit bgt dah.

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