Calamari Fritti with Homemade Aeolia

Serves 3

After playing in the sea, my parents usually take us to eat in a family restaurant along the coast of Rome. One of my favorite dish is calamari fritti with a dash of lemon juice and tomato ketchup to go along.

It turns out that Calamari fritti has a traditional historical value in the Feast of the Seven Fishes (Italian: Festa dei sette pesci), also known as The Vigil (Italian: La Vigilia), is a celebration of Christmas Eve with meals of fish and other seafood. It is believed to have originated in Southern Italy and is not a known tradition in many parts of Italy. The long tradition of eating seafood on Christmas Eve dates from the Roman Catholic tradition of abstinence – in this case, refraining from the consumption of meat or milk products – on Wednesdays, Fridays and (in the Latin Church) Saturdays, as well as during Lent and on the eve of specific holy days. As no meat or butter could be used on such days, observant Catholics would instead eat fish, typically fried in oil. (Wikipedia)

Every time I prepare it at home my mind says that their should be a special sauce accompanying it. One day I wanted to make mayonnaise but landed on Aeolia recipe. So I added some ingredients and here is the recipe. Serve it while its hot 😀 This is also posted in Cooking with Nonna
The Calamari Fritti:
1 big squid without head
1 egg
4 tbs all purpose flour
1 cup ice water
a dash of salt

How t0 Prepare:

  • wash the squid and pat it to dry
  • cut the squid into small 2 cm pieces
  • prepare in a bowl 1 beatened egg (room temperature), 4 tbs of sifted flour, a dash of salt and pour water little by little while whisking
  • heat deep fry oil
  • take one pieces at a time, dip the calamari in the batter and arrange in the pan
  • lift it up when its golden brown and set aside for the oil to drip

1 egg yolk
2 tps sugar
3 tsp vinegar
1 cup oil
2 big garlic cloves
1/4 salt

How to prepare:

  • put one egg yolk in a bowl, add 2 tsp sugar and with a hand mixer, mix it for 10 minutes in level 2-3
  • add vinegar little by little until blend
  • add oil little by little until it becomes consistent
  • turn off the mixture
  • add dash of salt to taste
  • grate fresh garlic and blend the paste into the Aeolia


all the eggs should be at room temperature, the sugar in the aeolia ingredient can be substitute with honey, keep the bowl clean


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