Creme Caramel

Makes 12 mini cups

This European originated dessert is found everywhere from the shelf’s of 24 hours run mini marts to the high end restaurant. It seems that the whole world had fallen in love with Creme Caramel..uuhh yeah! Well, it might be that it is easy to make, can hold for long and that it is smooth and tasty.

In most cases that I had encounter before, when it comes to dessert, the main choice was creme caramel or fresh/canned fruits, I usually choose the creme caramel because fresh fruits is always abundant at home. I like the one that is slightly burnt in the oven. Those types are usually stronger in taste. My mothers’ creme caramel is tasty and smooth. She likes to give it away as a gift.

There is a lot of recipes around , from the very plain until the very complicated. This recipe is from my mom, I think this taste just like the one from my favorite restaurant. So give it a try!

225 gr sugar
5 tbs water

250 gr sugar
8 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
2 tbs milk powder
1 tbs custard cream powder
2 tbs rum essence
1 lt fresh milk

butter to grease

How to prepare:
-To prepare the Caramel, add the sugar and water in a non sticky pan, turn on the heat
-with a wooden spoon blend, when all becomes water stop stirring, hold up and shake the pan softly to blend
-turn of the heat, set aside
-grease the glass bowl with butter, pour the caramel in the bowl, set aside
-To prepare the custard, with a hand mixer, mix the sugar and eggs, until white, turn off
-add the vanilla, powder milk, custard cream powder, rum essence, mix with spatula
-add the milk little by little
-filter the milk while pouring it little by little into the bowl
-heat the oven for 10 minutes, place a pan with water
-put the bowl on the pan with water and bake in medium heat for 45 minutes


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