Seafood Doria

Serves 4

They say that long time ago an Italian, invented this recipe in France. The food was called ‘Doria’ deriving from their family name. Whatever the story was, Doria is very popular in Japan, if you go to Italian family restaurants you will observe that almost 90% of the customers order Doria, Wow! In my perceptions, this dish is a warm dish where you get your family together and enjoy while sharing stories over dinner. This dish does bring warmth and love to the table. The risotto is quite similar as the recipe of Paella but then you add up the Bechamel sauce and the assorted cheese.

It is said it was first invented by an Italian family with the name of Doria who tried to represent the Italian flag (with tomatoes, cucumbers and chicken) in this recipe they first cooked in Paris. It was first prepared in Japan in Yokohoma by a French cuisine chef from Switzerland at the New Grand Hotel in 1925! (Shizuoka Gourmet)

The Risotto:
1 chicken breast
1 pomodoro/ripe tomatoes
1 tsp saffron
3 cups rice
8 cups water
2 tsp paprika powder
1 paprika
1 small onion

How to prepare:
-cut chicken into small pieces, set aside
-cut paprika into thin slices,set aside
-cut onion into thin long slices, set aside
-heat large pan with a little olive oil
-fry the onions and chicken until half done
-add the water
-when boiled, add salt, paprika powder, saffron
-add the rice, and stir well
-when almost done add the fresh paprika and pomodorocover to cook and turn of heat

The sauce:
4 tbs butter
4 tbs flour
4 cups milk
1/2 tsp pepper
1 tsp nutmeg

How to prepare:
-heat pan, add the butter
-when melted and the flour and milk keep stirring
-add the pepper and nutmeg
-keep stirring until it becomes thick
-get rid of lumps

How to prepare:
1. In a grilling plate, arrange some of the risotto in the bottom
2. pour the sauce evenly
3. peel the shrimp clean and leave the tail
4. cut shrimp into thin small pieces
5. cut salmon into small blocks
6. arrange two shrimps heart shape
7. arrange salmon and squid surrounding the heart shape shrimp
8. sprinkle mozzarella or pizza cheese on top evenly
9. sprinkle parmesan cheese on top evenly
bake it for 10 minutes

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