Serves 4

Beside its sushi, tempura is a very popular Japanese restaurants menu. I really loved to eat it freshly fried with the warm tempura sauce and some wasabe. In some restaurant, they leave the sauce plain and set the grated ginger with grated daikon, Japanese radish, aside.With warm Japanese rice, eating tempura is a puurrrfect combination.

In middle of the sixteenth century, the Portuguese landed on Japanese shores. In addition to establishing trade, trying to convert the Japanese to Catholicism, the Portuguese introduced tempura, the technique of dipping fish and vegetables into a batter and frying them. This is one example of Japanese food evolution by incorporating foreign influences.

Tempura comes from the Latin word tempora, which refers to Ember Days or quattuor tempora. Ember Days refer to the days when Catholics avoid meat and instead eat fish or vegetables. (foodpotraits)

I made this recipe by remembering the most tasty tempura that I had ever tasted. It turned out that the soyu and mirin used will determined the end out put of the taste. I recommend Kikkoman all purpose soyu and non alcohol sweet mirin. This also goes for the tempura batter, use high quality all purpose flour, because the cheap ones tends to fall apart while frying. Enjoy this tempura for dinner today!

Tempura Batter
-300 gr assorted vegetables
-3 cup sifted flour
-1 cup ice cold water
-1 tsp salt
-1 egg

How to prepare:
-in a bowl mix well, 2 cups flour, egg, salt, ice water and set aside. Add some more water if batter is too thick
-in another bowl set the remaining sifted flour
-heat deep fry oil
-pat the vegetable in the dry flour, toss and soak in the batter then put in the deep fry oil
– repeat the process until all the vegetables has been fried
Vegetable options: Sage leaf, egg plant, carrot, sweet potato, mushroom , shrimps, chicken etc.

Tempura sauce:
1/4 cup Japanese soyu
2/4 cup non alcohol mirin
3 cm fresh ginger
1 cup water

How to prepare:
-peel ginger skin and grated it, set aside
-boil water, soyu and mirin, turn of the heat
-add the grated ginger

How to serve:
-Serve it with a bowl of rice, 1/3 cup of tempura sauce, wasabe and 6 pieces of assorted vegetables


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