Barbeque Steak

Serves Two

Almost every weekend, my parents will take us out to dine in a steak restaurant. Our favorite restaurants usually serves big fat large steak that is moist and tender. They would grill it in a big stove like the one’s for making pizza and marinate it just with salt and pepper. On the table there will always be Tabasco, Heinz Ketchup and Mustard for additional sauces.

Steaks are ‘hot’ in Indonesia, especially the affordable chains such as “Steak and Shake”, “Obong Steak”, “Steak Abuba”. These steak business grew from the areas near larges Universities in Indonesia. They were manage my alumnis or student. As it got bigger, they developed franchise of these businesses. The steak served are tasty and very Indonesian as they marinate it very sweet. The all time favorites are barbeque, black pepper and mushroom steak. Other favorites are chicken cordon bleu and one of their innovations that is beef tongue steak that is usually served on a hot plate. Well it is easy to make it at home. It is our favorite too, served with french fries and salads.

300 gr steak
2 tbs Heinz ketchup
1tbs honey
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp black pepper
1 tsp garlic powder
½ tsp all spices
1 tbs of melted butter
French fries
fresh salad
Tomato sauce
Mustard Sauce

How to prepare:
-marinate the steak with all the ingredient and freeze it minimum for 3 hours
-add some more spices to taste
-take out until room temperature and grill
-serve with French fries, salad and additional sauce


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