Since I was a child, I luvv sushi very much. If other kids saved their money to buy toys, I save my money to buy heaps of sushi near my house. A native woman married a Japanese sushi chef and they decided to open a small sushi stall in front, adjacent to their house. I will come with my piggy bank, gave a bright smile and point at all the sushi I want. I will then walk out happily with 3 boxes of sushi so in total of 36 sushi that I will eat all by my self on the way home. What makes a sushi taste good is the fresh sweet meat of raw fish with a good blend of sushi rice. Since I live in Japan, I have never eaten sushi that will make me want to come back again and again. So, I tried to find recipes and made it at home. I adjusted a lot and voila, here is the recipe. My husband friends went backpacking around Japan and crashed at our home. So, I decided to prepare all assorted stuff to make sushi and they enjoyed a lot making it. We took it as our lunch bento. My good old friend came to visit and I invited them for dinner. They went crazy about my sushi and encourage me to open a restaurant. Yeah, great Idea..hi..hi..Anyway, give it a try, it will make everyone happy



4 cups of fresh cooked Japanese rice from the rice cooker

3 tbs mirin
2 tbs sugar
juice from 2 cm ginger

Assorted topping:
-salmon, tuna, mackerel, eel, squid, octopus, etc
-cows tongue, veal/chicken/turkey/pork meat, turkey etc.
-salmon roe, tamago yaki, fake crab etc.
-cucumber, corn, etc.

side serves:
-pickled ginger
-Japanese soyu

How to prepare:
-blend fresh cooked rice, mirin, sugar, ginger juice
-take some rice, mould it into 2 cm piece, paste a little wasabi and put the topping, decorate with dried seaweed
-for yuba (fried tofu skin) sushi, open the yuba carefully, put in the rice, fold to close and put on plate
-serve it cold


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