Ayam Sampah/Tangkap

Makes 8 pieces

Garbage chicken, this is the direct English translation of this dish. I was invited as a speaker to Banda Aceh, at dinner time my colleague took me to eat at the famous Cut Dek restaurant that serves Ayam Tangkap. At first I wasn’t convinced either because a big plate with chicken covered with fried assorted leaves and green chili was put on my table. But after I ate it with warm rice and relish, I was overjoyed. Wow, what a taste! I couldn’t stop eating but I had to behave in front of my colleague..:P When I came back to Jakarta I kept thinking about it.

I search on the web for recipe of this awesome dish and at last I found Dapur Bunda PR blog that gave the perfect recipe because her mother owns a stall that sells Ayam tangkap. I made it at home and my husband couldn’t stop eating. I made it for my baby birthday party and everybody went nuts about.

8 chicken drumsticks
½ lemon
a handful of of fresh curry leaves
a handful of fresh kefir lime leaves
a handful of green chilies
7 bay leaves
2 screwpineleaves cut into little pieces
3 candlenuts
5 garlic cloves
5 cm ginger
3-5 tsp salt
1 lt water

How to prepare:
-clean chicken and sprinkle lemon juice, set aside for 20 min
-crush the candle nuts with the back of your knife
-blender garlic, ginger, and candlenuts until it becomes a paste, add salt
-wash the chicken and pat it dry
-boil water and add all the paste, 1 screwpine leaf,2 bay leaf, 3 lemon leaf, 5 cm ginger
-add the chicken and boil for 30 minutes
-take out the chicken when done and drain
-heat deep fry oil and put all the chicken, leaves and green chilies to fry until cooked and fragrant
-drip oil before serving
-the leaves are edible
-serve it with hot rice and relish


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