Honey Comb

Makes 26 cm baking pan

What are you favorite candy bars? Mine is Mars, Milky way, Maltesers and Crunchie Honey Comb bars. I use to buy the party bags with lot’s of small bars and eat it while watching TV. To make the taste last, I will eat a little bit and let it melt in my tounge. I will then eat the next bar, if the taste has run out. In high school, we had a study tour to Perth-Australia. We were dropped in a farm where we can see sheep wool being skinned of. The place was like a living museum of a cowboy town. So, I visit the candy shop, where they made all the candies by themselves. They just pulled out the honey comb out of the shelf and broke it into pieces. It was sold by the grams and quite expensive. So, out of excitement and curiosity I bought a gram. In the bus, I was delighted to ‘at last’ taste a home made honey comb. I had this idea to be able to make candies at home, so the first thing that pops in my mind was making honey comb. So, I tried a couple of recipes and this was the best.

4 tbs golden syrup
1 tbs water
200 gr caster sugar
3 tsp baking soda

How to prepare:
-heat syrup, water and caster sugar in a pan until dissolved and have bubbles
-prepare a big bowl covered with non sticky paper
-once cooked, add baking soda stir quickly and pour into the bowl
-let it cool
-break into little pieces
If you want to cover it with chocolate:
-melt 300 gr chocolate
-dip  the honey comb one by one and drop on non sticky paper
-let it cool


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