Gado-gado Sesame Seed

Serves 3

Gado-gado is the Indonesian ‘salad’. Assorted vegetables, fried tofu and boiled eggs splashed with peanut sauce. The traditional gado-gado sauce is made with a giant mortar and serve on banana leaves. The best gado-gado in my opinion is the Kaki lima/street seller in front of my former office Jl. Kali Pasir. He is very generous with the peanut sauce and it doesn’t water easy when combined with the vegetables.

If you want eat is the restaurant version, go to “Gado-gado Boplo” and “Gado-gado Cemara”. Here, the peanut sauce is already prepared so you will not wait too long and not sweat because it is fully air conditioned. There is a gado-gado seller in Cinere, very delicious. They use cashew as the base of the sauce. Now, this recipe I got at a time when I craved to have gado-gado. I ran out of peanuts. So, I sat on the table a tried to find substitutes, a..ha..I still have a bag of sesame that I am dying to get rid of. It turned out fantastic. Here is the recipe

3 garlic
1/2 medium onions
1 tsp prawn paste
1oo gr roasted white sesame seed
1-2 cups water
2 tsp chili paste
1 tbs brown sugar
1 tsp salt
200 ml coconut milk
1 lemongrass
2 lemon leaves
4 tbs Heinz tomato sauce
2 tbs sweet soy sauce
1 chicken consomme

Assorted Items:
fresh: tomato, cucumber
boiled: carrot, cabbage, spinach, bean sprout, potato, corn, eggs
fried: tofu, tempe

Side items:
chili relish, shrimp crackers, fried onions
fresh assorted salad leaves

How to prepare:
-blender the sesame seed with water until it becomes a paste
-blender garlic and onions until it becomes a paste
-heat pan with a little oil, sauté prawn paste
-add the onion paste and fry until fragant
-pour the peanut mixture and add chillie paste, brown sugar, salt and coconut milk
-add the lemon grass, tomato sauce, sweet soy sauce, and chicken consomme
-cook until the oil separates from the peanut
-arrange the assorted item and pour sauce over the boiled vegetables
-serve with crackers, fried shallots

You can change the sesame seed with 100 gr roasted peanut or 50 gr roasted cashed and 50 gr roasted peanut


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