Tiramisu Classico

Makes 24 cm diameter cake pan

Tiramisu is one of the most interpreted food around. There is the cake, the ice cream, the coffee drink, the candy. You name it! I like it too, but if you live in Asia, both making and buying is expensive. So, Most often I see that people combine it with cream cheese to make the structure more stiff. I asked for my mothers recipe but I lost my notes somewhere. So, one day I was browsing website that contains step by step instructions and I found “cooking for engineers. The title says it all, this guys has all the mathematics in his website. So, if you are lost in converting grams to ounce to pound to whatever, consider to visit it. Anyway, back to our Tiramisu discussion..I Luv this guy, he did all the research about the history and other stuff. So, here is the summary. Tiramisu was probably invented in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s at a restaurant called Le Beccherie in Treviso, Italy. Anna Maria Volpi has an article on the history of tiramisu that supports the Le Beccherie origin. After you heat the custard on the pan. It is actually ready to eat. This custard by itself is a great Italian dessert called zabaglione (sabayon in French cooking) and can be served as is or made into a more complicated dessert by mixed with fruit, serving with cookies, or made into tiramisu (and many more possibilities). Happy cooking

3 egg yolk
200 gr mascarpone
20oml whip cream
½ cup sugar
1 cup instant coffe/expresso
2 tbs rum essence
1-2  box  lady’s finger
2 tbs cocoa powder

How to prepare:
-put the mascarpone in room temperature
-separate the egg yolk from the white
-with a hand mixer, mix the yolks with the sugar until it becomes white
-heat water with pan and put the bowl with the beatened egg on top
-add the rum essence and keep stirring gently
-Stir it until it bubbles to boil, turn of heat and set aside
-with a hand mixer, mix the whip cream until it becomes stiff
-with a spatula, crush the mascarpone into little pieces
-blend in the custard
-blend in the whip cream, set aside
-prepare instant coffee with hot water in a bowl
-pour the custard in the bottom of the bowl
-take the lady’s finger one by one, dip into the coffee and arrange
-repeat the process
-on top, pour the custard
-sprinkle cocoa on top
-refrigerate it for about 30 min before serving


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