Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls

Makes 4 rolls

Vietnamese rolls are truly popular. There is the one with rice paper unfried or steamed and with the flour base paper that will be fried. I personally like the fried spring roll better. These rice paper spring rolls always appeals my eyes in the menu picture and I always order when I visit a Vietnamese restaurant but non ever appeals my taste buds. It’s because the rolls are thick and usually the content has no taste. The dip are usually some fish sauce base with vinegar and chopped chili or just chili sauce with crushed peanuts. When I dip and bit into my mouth, which usually will be a big chuck. The sauce will not last and most of the times I have to deal with the prickly chopped chili stuck in my tongue. A good friend of mine challenge me to make my own interpretation of the recipe. Well, I took the challenge as rice papers were on discount. The innovation is in the sauce, the taste of this sauce really stick. The other is adding a strong tasting ingredient like onion in the middle. Tell me what you think!



8-12 shrimps
100 gr rice noodles
4 salad leaves
½ medium onions
4 rice paper

How to prepare:
-have two large round plate ready
-place warm water into one plate
-place one rice paper in the warm water until it soften evenly
-take out, drain and place it on the other dry plate
-place some salad leaves at the end side near you but leave a little space enough for folding
-place a little rice noodle on top of it
-place some shredded onions on top of the rice
-place 2-3 shrimps on top of the onions
-fold the end by your side on top of the shrimps
-repeat the process for the left and right side
-roll it forward and serve

2 tsp sugar
6 tsp fish sauce
3 tsp chili oil
1 tbs chopped fresh coriander leaves

How to prepare:
-mix all the ingredients together, except for the coriander leaves
-add the coriander leaves

You can mix and match the content of the rice rolls. Just remember the 4 rules: meat, onion, noodles and salad
Meat: shrimp, chicken, roast beef, scallops, etc
onion: onion, shallots, etc
Noodles: rice noodles, glass noodles
salad: salad leaves, lettuce, etc


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