Chicken Steak Hot Plate

Serves 2

This is one of my all favorite menu, Chicken Steak Hot Plate! After work alone or hanging out with friends, I use to dine at “Hot Planet” and most of the time I will order their maybe best selling Chicken Steak. It is soo juice that I want to eat more and more. I recall that this dish was not so expensive but as a lot of people ordered it became more and more expensive. I got my brand new hot plate pans because I was so eager to make the juicy chicken steak that I miss. On the way home I passed by a steak restaurant and I liked the way they serve their hotplate with assorted veggies and sauteed onions so I adapt it. My husband went mad about it and so was I. Quoting from Nigella Lawson, I think this is one of those ultimate food porn where you can get ‘high’ after eating it. .ha..ha..Anyway, here is the recipe

1 cup frozen vegetables
1 medium onion
2 chicken breast
1 tsp paprika powder
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tbs Heinz tomato sauce
½ tsp salt
a dash of pepper
oil and olive oil
2 hot plate

How to prepare:
-wash the chicken and pat it dry
-in a bowl add 3 tbs of oil, add paprika powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper, add some more to taste, mix it well
-add the chicken breast and marinate it evenly, set aside for at least 1 hour,
-cut onion into two and slice then thinly
-heat pan with a dash of olive oil, saute the onion until it caramelized, add pepper and salt, set aside when done
-heat pan with a dash of olive oil, sauté the frozen vegetables. add pepper and salt, set aside when done
-in a grill pan, sprinkle dash of oil evenly, grill the chicken until done
-put the hotplate on the stove and arrage the steak and the vegetables, heat it until sizzling
-take out and serve directly


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