Udang Goreng Kecap

Serves 2

At night, seafood stalls will be open to serve you any kinds of  fish, shrimp, clams you name it from the sea or rivers. It’s a great place to have dinner because the price is  reasonable. But be careful with the stalls that has no price tag on it or the one that  weight their servings. Ask first, that my best advice. One of the menu that I will surely order is udang goreng kecap the sweet shrimp with the kecap (Indonesian sweet soy sauce)  makes it really tasty.

This dish is actually a very homy dish, that families in Indonesia would often make. It’s simple, sweet and tasty to serve. The funny part is that eating out this still becomes the all time favorite.

8 shrimps with head and skeleton
1/2 medium onion
3 garlic
2 tsp butter
5-6 tbs sweet soy sauce
2 tbs oyster sauce
1 -2 lemon wedge(s)

How to prepare:
-slice onions into thin pieces, set aside
-crush the garlic with the edge of your knife and cut it into small dices, set aside
-with a kitchen knife, cut the backbone of the shrimp and clean the black thread, keep the skeleton
-with a little oil, saute the garlic and onion until fragant
-add the butter, 1 tbs oyster sauce and, 3 tbs sweet soy sauce, mix well
-drop in all the shrimps and sprinkle the lemon juice
-blend the shrimp with the sauce well but don’t break the head and the skeleton
-add the remaining oyster sauce and sweet soy sauce
-sprinkle salt and pepper if necessary


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