Durian Crepe

Makes 8 pieces

The first time I knew about the existence of ‘Durian Crepe’ is when I was shopping at ITC Kuningan. I ordered one but they said that it was sold out and they have a row of orders so please come again in 3 hours. Ok, no worries I will look around then come back to get some crepes. “Sorry, sold out all are ordered come again next time” the woman said. Ok, so I came the next day with the same response. Then, the next week with the same response. Oh my, these crepes begins to be really mysterious to me. I was curios, what is so ‘hot’ about these crepes? I googled it and found that many people (where ever they bought it) was mad about Durian Crepe. After looking at NingNongs blog it turned out that it is really easy to make. It is really indulging I may say. What do you think?

2 eggs
2 cups milk
2 cups flour
1 cup soda water
2 tbs sugar

How to prepare:
-in a large bowl whisk the sugar, eggs and sifted flour
-add the milk slowly
-add the soda water slowly
-heat pan and grease with butter
-pour enough amount to cover the pan bottom
-take out when cook and let it cool off

Durian Cream:
200 ml whip cream
1-2 tbs sugar
100 gr very sweet durian

How to prepare:
-In a big bowl add ice and cold water, put another bowl on top
-add the whip cream and sugar
-with an electric mixer beat the whip cream until stiff
-add and mix the durian in the whipped cream slowly until combined

How to do the finishing touch:
-place one crepe on a large plate
-take one or two table spoon of durian cream and place on the edge near you
-fold the side near you to cover the cream, then the left, then the right side
-roll to front
-repeat the process until all is done
-cover with plastic wrap
-place in the refrigerator to cool


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