Chocolate Spread

Makes one Jar

I was actually looking for a milk bread recipe. This time, I chose a recipe by googling and choosing the most tempting bread picture. It lead me to a blogger “Mom’s recipe and More“. Wow, she specialized in bread making and all stuff related to it like making jam and filled cookies. One thing that made my mouth water a lot, beside the bread that I was looking for, was her chocolate spread. It was dark and beautiful. Those kinds of chocolate spread is very expensive here and they are the imported ones.

I was glad to see the recipe and I tried it. It was really easy, all you got to do is put all the ingredients and stir gently.  Another thing, I challenged my self to make a precise amount that fits into the empty cookies and cream spread box …and voila!

½ cup sugar
¼ cup water
1 tbs cocoa
60 gr dark chocolate
100 gr butter

How to prepare:
-put water in pan and put another bowl on top
-fill with sugar, cocoa and water
-turn on heat and stir well until blended
-add chocolate and butter and melt well
-when its well blended, turn off heat and pour into the jar
-cool off
-put in the refrigerator


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