Sweetened Condensed Milk

Makes 1 Jar

There is one thing Indonesian can not live without..Susu Kental Manis…a.k.a sweetened condensed milk and I think it is important that I release how to make it before I release desserts and drinks recipes. I bought 1 kg of powdered milk and I am trying badly to get rid of it. I looked in the internet to find light and light shed on this recipe. I was glad and thrilled, I never thought that it was THAT easy to make. Thanks to the Tartars (Russian-Turkish) people who had invented it. Go ahead and try it!

½ cup hot water
2 tbs butter
¾ cup sugar
¾ cup milk powder

How to prepare:
-add 2 tbs of milk powder, 2 tbs sugar, ½ tbs butter and all the water into a blender
-blender for 30 seconds
-repeat the process until all ingredients are used
-in the last, blender for 60 seconds
-store in the refrigerator


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