Gudeg Yogya

Serves 3

My mother family comes from Yogya, usually on holidays we will stay over at my aunts house for some weeks or even a month. It’ great because we have the whole time to enjoy the food from Yogyakarta. I really like the food in Yogyakarta because most of it are sweet as they use a lot of coconut sugar in their ingredients. Nowaday, it’s even getting better with the gastronomic culinary choices. It is flourishing because Yogya is a university area. There is one thing you can’t miss eating if you go there for holidays –> Gudeg. There are two types, the one using white sugar and the one using coconut sugar. For dinner I usually cooks the white version until my friend sent me this pics.. professional. So, I tried their recipe version and I as I am very impatient, I got this..

Cooking it requires real patient because you need up to 5 hours to simmer in low heat to get the taste right and that you need the thick coconut milk for it.

1 can young jackfruit
4 eggs
1 tbs vinegar
1,5 lt water
8 black tea bags
2 chicken breast
½ medium onion
5 garlic cloves
6 candlenuts
½ tbs coriander powder
8 bay leaves
3 cm galangel
8 bay leaves
100 gr brown sugar
1 chicken consomme
300 ml coconut milk
½-1tsp salt

How to prepare:
-boil water, add the jackfruit, eggs, vinegar and 4 teabags, boil for 30 min
-crush candlenut with the side of your knife
-meanwhile blender the onion, garlic, candlenut into a paste
-take out the eggs and jackfruit and put the chicken in the water, boil for 30 min
-saute the paste with a little oil, add the coriander powder, brown sugar
-take out the chicken and add the paste in the water
-add coconut milk and cook until thick, take out and put in a bowl
-peel the eggs
-cut galangel into thin slices
-clean the pan and spread the bay leaves evenly on the bottom
-arrange the jackfruit, eggs and chicken on top of the bay leaves
-add the thick paste
-cook for another 1-5 hours


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