Olliebollen (apple raisin fritters)

Makes 12 pieces

When I was a little girl, we use to shop down town where there would be a stall selling olliebollen and stroopwaffles. I like them both but stroop waffels is a little bit difficult to make if you don’t have the pan for it.

Brr…it is so chili down here. -4 and outside the snow is pouring from the sky. Apples are abundant everywhere so I feel like making my favorite fritters that I use to buy when I was a little girl –> ollie bollen. Just imagine you are outside in the cold and you have just bakes ollie bollen sprinkled with caster sugar in your hands. The sweet taste of apple and raisins melting in your mouth. The cinnamon aroma..enough with this awkwardness..here is the recipe

500 gr flour
500 ml water
10 gr salt
25 gr sugar
40 gr yeast
5 gr cinnamon powder
½ tbs lemon juice
200 gr raisins
100 gr granny smith apples

How to prepare:
-combine warm water and yeast,set aside until it bubbles
-mix flour, salt, and add water bit by bit, when combined well set aside for 30 min
-when the dough has doubled it size, prepare in another bowl diced granny smith, sugar, raisins and lemon juice, mix and put in the dough without the water
-heat deep fry oil and put in 1 tablespoon portions to fry


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