Spicy Mackarel Pike Floss

Makes 1 bowl

Mackarel Pike fish is in season, in Japan we call it sanma (サンマ / 秋刀魚. The fish is usually served grilled or fried with dashi sauce. I wanted to make it into another recipe, a recipe that me and my husband are mad about…”abon Cakalang/tuna floss” well in this case Mackarel Pike floss. It’s recipe from Manado-North Sulawesi. The first time we taste is when a friend of ours went home to Manado for the Christmas holidays. She sent us 2 package of these delicious floss. The native people don’t produce it everyday, because it depends if they can catch the fish needed to make the floss on that day or not. Anyway, I learned that you can make it with pelagic fishes that have a greyish color. This is great with anything, sprinkle it on your rice, sticky rice, bread and even your pan pizza.

300-500 pike/tuna meat
1 kefir lime juice
1 spring onion
1 lemon grass
3 kefir lime leaves
½ medium onion
4 garlic
3-5 tsp chili paste
8 small chili dry/fresh
2 cm ginger

How to prepare:
-steam the pike/tuna for 20 minutes
-take out and cut into small pieces, get rid of any bones
-press lemon grass with the side of your knife, cut into 3 parts
-blender into paste garlic, onion, ginger and spring onions
-heat pan, sauté the garlic paste
-add the chili paste, lemon grass, kefir lime leaves, and small chillies
– fry until color changes
-add the pike/tuna
-fry until dry


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