Rica Rica Shrimps

Serves 2

Rica-rica shrimps, this chili shrimps are very delicious with warm fragant rice. We have this often at home and my mother as usually would dump heaps of sugar to make the chili sweet. I prefer not to sweet, the Manado style where the sweetness just comes from the onions. This is a menu that you can’t miss if you visit a Manado restaurant. What out, it could be really spicy. The sweet shrimp combined with the hot chili paste. You just can’t stop…he..he..it’s easy to make at home.

8 fresh prawns
3 large potatoes
1 sprin onion
5 kefir lime leaves
1/2 medium onion
4 garlic
3 tsp chili paste
1 medium tomato
2 cm ginger
salt and pepper to taste

How to prepare:
-cut the back of the shrimp and clean from the black thread,keep the skeleton and head, set aside
-peel the potato, slice it thinly and drop it into a bowl of cold water
-in deep fry oil, fry the potato until golden and crispy, set aside
-cut spring onions thinly , set a side
-blender into a paste, garlic, onion, ginger
-saute in light oil the garlic paste, add the chili paste, kefir lime and spring onions
-add the shrimps and mix the shrimp gently
-add the fried potatoes and stir evenly

Don’t add the potato too early as it becomes soggy


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