Nasi Urap and Grilled Shrimp

When I am in Bali, one of my favorite dish is nasi ulam. Rice with shrimps and some vegetables. Small stalls owned by native Bali eash has their own secret recipe but they are all delicious. It’s not that difficult to make at home. Here is the recipe

½ tsp shrimp paste
½ small medium onion
3 cloves garlic
3 tsp chili paste
2 cm galangal
3 kefir lime leaves
1 bay leaf
1 lemon grass
3 tbs brown sugar
1 cup dried coconut
salt and pepper to taste

Assorted vegetables:
cabbage, carrot, mushroom, broccoli  cut into thin slices and beansprout

How to prepare:
-blender garlic and onion into a paste, set aside
-cut galangal into thin slices, set aside
-crush the lemongrass with the side of your knife, then cut into 3 parts
-heat oil and fry the shrimp paste until fragrant
-add the garlic paste, chili paste, brown sugar, salt and pepper
-add the galangal, kefir lime leaves, bay leaf, lemon grass
-add the dried coconut, mix well
-turn of heat when all are well blended, don’t burn
-cut all the vegetable into long thin pieces
-boil water and boil each vegetable quickly and rinse in cold water
-combine assorted vegetable in a bowl and add the coconut mixture, blend well

Grill Tiger Shrimps
1 tbs vegetable oil
5 sweet soy sauce
½ kefir lime juice
1 tbs honey

How to prepare:
-in a plate combine all the above ingredient
-dip the shrimp in the marinate before grilling it
-dip in again before grilling the other side


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