Zabaglione in a cup

Makes 2 cups

Most of you are familiar with ‘Tiramisu’, the dessert that possibly was made by a restaurant called Le Beccherie, Treviso Italy in the late ’60-’70. The egg yolk custards itself is also a delicious dessert called ‘Zabaglione’, outside Italy is popular in France, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuala and Colombia. Bring the love of ‘Zabaglione’ for Valentines day!

I posted this recipe for Cooking with Nonna recipe contest just for fun. I delight me that people loved it. For me it was refreshing and sweet too eaten with fresh berries.

6 egg yolks
½ cup sugar
6 big strawberries
1 bar of dark chocolate
1 tbs chocolate powder

How to prepare:
-with a hand mixture, mix the egg yolk and sugar until fluffy
-heat pan with water, put the bowl with the egg yolk on top and whisk until it starts to cook/dry a little bit on the edge
-divide the zabaglione in 2/3 part for the white zabaglione and the other for the chocolate zabaglione
-in another bowl, whisk the chocolate powder and 1/3 of the zabaglione
-cut 4 strawberries into little pieces and add at the bottom of a glass
-pour the white zabaglione and then the chocolate zabaglione
-grate some chocolate and arrange on top of the chocolate zabaglione
-cut the remaining strawberries in the middle and arrange on top of the glass


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