Egg white pudding

Makes 6 small cups

This is my favorite all time pudding, egg whites, chocolate with light custard sauce. This can be found in many bakery shops and in events dessert buffet selection. It is easy to make, it is tasty and it sells. I put it up on Cooking with Nonna just for fun. If you have left overs that this might be sweets to turn it into.

Egg White Pudding:
1 sachet carrageen/gelatin/agar
40 gr of sugar
500 ml water
3 egg whites

Chocolate Pudding:
1 sachet carrageen/gelatin/agar
40 gr sugar
500 milk
1 tbs cocoa powder

The Sauce:
¾ cup powdered milk
¾ cup sugar
½ cup hot water
1 tsp butter

1 bar of dark chocolate

How to prepare:
-Egg White Pudding:
-in a pan, add water, sugar and carrageen
-set aside when boiled
-with a hand mixer, mix the egg whites until stiff
-slowly add the carrageen fluid into the egg white
-blend until the texture is smooth
-arrange in cups

Chocolate Pudding:
-in a pan, add the carrageen, sugar, milk and cocoa powder
-whisk slowly until boiled
-add on top of the egg white pudding
-set aside to cool off and leave it in the refrigerator

The Sauce:
-in a bowl, mix together the powdered milk and sugar
-in a blender add the boiled water, and 2 tbs of the milk mixture, blender for 30 seconds
-repeat the process and add the butter in the last spoon of the milk mixture and blender for 60 seconds

How to arrange:
-arrange the pudding in the middle of a plate
-pour the sauce evenly
-grate the dark chocolate for decoration


4 thoughts on “Egg white pudding

  1. I’ve been looking for this recipe since loong time ago. Soalnya sering banget punya stok putih telor trus end up jadi macaron deh. ntar mo dicoba deh 😉

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