Salmon Fried Rice

We went to dine out on the weekends and ordered some sashimi sets, robataki and a plate of salmon fried rice. I was surprise why salmon fried rice is in the menu, because I find it very ordinary, maybe more of a homey meal. But it turned out that my toddler really likes it and ate non stop until she couldn’t put anything else again in her I taste it and uuuhhmmm it was delish! Very light and savory. I remade it at home and my toddler loves it very much, not only her but also me and my husband. It’s a great meal for breakfast.

1 salted salmon chunk
1 egg
2 cups of rice
1 tsp salt

How to prepare:
-heat the salmon in the microwave, take out and crush into little pieces
-heat the pan, make scramble eggs, take out, set aside
-add a little oil in the pan, fry the salmon
-add the rice, salt and blend evenly
-add the scramble eggs


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