Chicken Ramen

Serves 4

Another all time favorite “Ramen”. Yes, people loves ramen here, and they really will queue for this. Unfortunately, I am unable to eat ramen anywhere because the broth will use pork. So, usually I can only eat the vegetarian, the miso based or the seafood one. But, the pork bowl is really tempting. So, one day I stared for a long time and looked at the pork charsew that will always decorate the ramen. an Idea, if we roll chicken and tight it just as you will tight a beef roulade, then boil it in soyu broth..Voila..looks the same..LOL

2 chicken boneless
4 peeled boiled eggs
2 lt water
1 spring onion
12 garlic
1 dashi/fish consommé
½ cup soyu
1 tbs sugar
5 cm ginger
1 dried kelp/kombu
4 fresh yellow noodles

How to prepare:
-cut ginger into pieces
-crush the garlic with the side of your knife, set aside
-roll 2 chicken into a roulade shape
-take a thread and tight a knot so the shape don’t fall apart
-boil the 2 lt water, spring onion, garlic, dashi consommé, soyu, sugar, ginger,kelp/kombu
-add the chicken roulade and eggs
-boil until the chicken and eggs becomes very brown, 45minutes
-mean while, boil water, cook the noodles
-take out when done, drop into cold water, drain and set into the serving bowls
-when the chicken is done, take out  the chicken and eggs, drain and let it cool
-cut the chicken into ½ cm slices and arrange on top of the noodles
-cut the eggs and arrange on top of the noodles
-garnish with anything you can find in the kitchen (corn, fish balls, etc)
-add the soup


2 thoughts on “Chicken Ramen

  1. Would like to see how you did the chicken though.. hehehe..
    Btw, I’m a big big fan of ramen too. Haven’t found a nice ramen shop here 😦

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