Cassata Italiana Ice Cream

Makes 20 cm Ice Cream Cake

There is a famous ice cream restaurant in Central Jakarta-Indonesia called ‘Ragusa’. The restaurant was founded in 1932 by the two Italian brothers Vizenzo Ragusa and Luigi Ragusa. They gave the business to their trusted partners when they decided to go back to Italy. The owner left the restaurant as it was first built with old pictures people mingling, dancing while enjoying ice cream. Eventually, some will meet their true love. Till now many young couples like to go their for a date. There are two popular dishes on the menu: Spaghetti Ice Cream and Cassata Italiana.

600 ml milk
250 ml sugar
3 yellow egg
50 gr corn starch
½ sdt salt
1 tbs cocoa powder
50 gr fruit jelly bits
1/4 tsp red food color
1 package cake base

How to prepare:
-in a pan, add the milk, sugar, corn starch and salt
-stir slowly with a whisk and turn on the heat
-turn off heat when the custard is thick
-in small bowl, whisk the egg yolk
-pour the beatened egg yolk slowly  into the custard while you keep stirring
-have another 3 bowls ready
-divide the custard for different flavoring
-2 (chocolate): 1 (fruit jelly bits): 1 (pink coloring)
-cover the bottom and the side edge of a 20cm spring form pan with plastic wrap
-assemble the spring form pan together
-pour 1/2″ of chocolate custard in the pan
-store in the freezer for 20 minutes then take out the pan
-cut cake base, arrange a bowl shape on top of the chocolate custard, leave some space
-pour in fruit jelly custard in the middle of the cake and the chocolate custard in the edge part
-make sure the cake still stands as a circle, freeze for 20 minutes again
-take out and pour the pink custard, and freeze for another 20 minutes
-divide the ice cream cake and serve


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