Negitoro Don/Fresh Tuna Bowl


Serves 2

If you are a sushi maddox, then you will like this recipe. Negitoro don, this dish takes the outer layer meat of the tuna, scraped and flavored then served with warm Japanese rice. Adding the egg yolk makes it more creamy, but if you don’t like egg yolk then just drop it.

I got addicted to this dish after ordering it at Sukiya outlet. My toddler can eat one portion of this. It becomes creamy if you combine it with the egg yolks. Near my house, there is a fish stall selling good quality fish, although a little bit expensive but the taste is sweet and it will last for long.

250 gr of raw tuna
2 cm ginger
1 sachet beef stock powder
1 tsp sesame oil
seaweed sheets
1 egg yolk

How to prepare:
-Chop the tuna meat into very small chunks
-cut the sea weed sheets into thin 4 cm long slices
-grate ginger
-in a bowl mix the tuna chuncks, ginger juice, beef stock, sesame oil, and soyu

How to arrange:
-add rice in a small one serving bowl
-arrange the seaweed in the middle
-arrange the tuna on top of the sea weed and leave a bowl shape in the middle
-add the egg yolk in the middle of the tuna chunks
-serve it with miso shiro and soyu wasabe
-put rice in a bowl, put fish on top and garnish with green onion slices

-you can add chopped thin green onions, or onions
-fresh Mackerels goes well with this recipe also


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