Soto Mie

Serves 3

I feel like Soto Mie. This was my favorite lunch during high school. At first I thought this dish was strange because the noodles where those for bakso but there is meat chunks and even lumpias. My friend and I like to hang out and eat this while the rain is pouring outside. It is really soothing. Warning, it’s all carbs 😀

The soup:
1,5 lt water
½ medium onion
4 garlic
300 gr beef with lots of fat
3 cm galangal
3 bay leaves
5 kefir lime leaves
3 cm ginger
1/3 tsp turmeric

How  to prepare:
-cut the beef  into small chunks
-cut the galangel, ginger into thin slices
-cut the onion and garlic, blender into a paste
-boil water and add all the ingredients
-cook for 1 hour

The garnish:
1 bag  dried yellow noodles
1 bag  rice noodles
1 bag bean sprout
1 kefir lime
1 tomato
lumpia sheets
1 big fried tofu

How to prepare:
-in separate bowls soak yellow noodles, rice noodles, bean sprout in hot water, the soak in cold water and drain
-add some rice vermicelli in the lumpia and roll, fry, set aside
-cut lime and tomato into wedges
-cut tofu into cubes

How to arrange:
-arrange the rice and yellow noodles at the bottom
-garnish the top with beansprout,tomato,lumpia and tofu
-pour the soup and meat


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