The Sunshine Award on my 100 Posts !

Today is a very special day, I may say. I woke up with my body aching, the sky looks as if it was going to rain and the weather still cold. I prepared breakfast and tidied the house a little bit. Then open to check some mail. To my surprise a blogger nominated me for the Sunshine Award. Many many thanks to The White Trash Gourmet for bringing sunshine to todays’ gloomy weather. Your nominations came in coincidence with my 100 Posts.I felt better and jog outside for a while so I could think more clearly.

For me it was really funny, I once imagine if ever anyone would nominate me for an award, The first on the list would be The White Trash Gourmet because I couldn’t stop giggling and sometimes really laughing on her writing. The blog inspired my to bring more character and wit into my writings. So, again many-many thanks now your “Bullshit is the Real Shit!

Many thanks to “CoolCookStyle“. A nice way to close 2012 and welcome 2013. Sometimes through blogging you meet other bloggers that becomes great friends through the journey, one of them is my fellow bloggers at “CoolCookStyle”, based in NY bringing well observed funny articles about life down there. She just got her Doctoral degree on Food and French literature. If you are interested in anything about French food and wine, drop at her blog and push follow.

Now let’s get back to work. So, I have to answer some questions, nominate other fellow bloggers and remind them of the nominations.

The Sunshine Award

  • Favorite color: White
  • Favorite animal: Cats
  • Favorite number: 10
  • Favorite nonalcoholic drink: McDonalds Milk Shake
  • Facebook or Twitter: Facebook. I quit Twitter
  • My passions: Food and Humanitarian activities
  • Getting or giving presents: When I’m rich “giving” and “getting” is for when I am broke
  • Favorite pattern: Flower Power ya’ll
  • Favorite day of week: Monday to Fridays’
  • Favorite flower: Roses, Tulips, Jasmine

The next step is to nominate ten fellow bloggers for this award. And the Award goes to…

These two blogs inspired me even before I had wordpress. I love their Japanese recipes
1. Shizuoka Gourmet
2. Tess Japanese Kitchen
The following two blog’s inspired me to make more effort in styling my food
3. Deep Plate
4. Jo the Tart Queen
My continuous inspiration to keep my blog beautiful, sweet and tasty were from
5. Butterbaking
6. The Scrumptious Pumpkin
A skill that I dearly want to master is baking cake and bread, these two blog and just wonderful
7. Chef Eye’s Blog
8. Liz Lemon Nights
Asian food blogs with beautiful pics you can’t miss
9. Ang Sarap
10. Ridha’s Kitchen

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