Bajigur (Brown Sugar Coconut Milk) Drink

Serves 2

Last Wednesday, on April 11th, a 8.6 magnitude earthquake hit seafloor 400 kilometers off the west coast of Aceh in northern Sumatra ( Fortunately, no deadly tsunami were triggered afterwards and there were not many victims, mostly who died were elderly and some due to heart attack. The earthquake did create a havoc while people were running outside to find a safe place on higher strong buildings or higher grounds.

In my life, I had experience 2 major earthquake and tsunami. The first was when I was still a toddler. My parents were stationed in Papua island. The earthquake was so immense that nobody could walk. After that, all the people near my house evacuate to my house which was located on top of a hill. It turns out that the Papua indigenous people have their local wisdom to run up the hill to save their lives. So, soon after a high tsunami swept the areas near the coast while all these evacuees were watching from the front garden.

The second experience was about a year ago. My husband is currently studying about tsunami engineering in Tohoku University. His very kind sensei got us an apartment on top of a hill under deep civil engineering consideration. Anyway, March last year 2 days before the megaquake disaster happened there was already a big quake. So, my neighbor and did a survey where to evacuate. The night before the big day happened my husband sensei joke “Maybe tomorrow, he..he..”..We were prepare anyway, I stocked food for 1 month, had all the important belongings in one bag ready to go any time. My neighbor asked to accompany her to go to a factory outlet near the port at one and I agree. In the morning, a friend of mine email me asking to help me find an apartment near us. So I postponed to go to the outlet to 3 o’clock. On the way to the station, I went to the bank to get some cash. I update my passbook and the 9 magnitude quake happened…2:46:23 PM.. Gee, that was close. If I had already been in the FO near the port at 1pm, I wouldn’t be here writing blogs because it was destroyed. The point is to remain calm to find ways to get yourself (and others) to a safe place for survival.

Bajigur, is a drink that I like to have in a cold weather with some boiled peanuts and sweet potato. You can change the coconut milk with creamer if you like.

200 ml light coconut milk
1/3 cup brown sugar
1 tbs sugar
2 cm ginger
1 screw pine leaves

How to prepare:
-cut the ginger into thin long slices
-boil all the ingredients in low-medium heat
-keep stirring gently
-turn off the heat when boiled


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