Oyako Don

Serves 3

When I was pregnant, I had to go to a regular check up. Sometimes one in the morning and one after lunch. We had tasted all the canteens in front of the hospital so this time we went to the canteen on the 5th floor. I ordered Oyako Don, it was my first time eating Oyako Don and I really loved it. The sweet and tender chicken with the savory of the eggs. So, everywhere I go, I will order Oyako Don until I got really tired of it.

The Japanes prepares it per portion with a custom pan and pour it on top of the rice. I am too busy so I make one whole big pan in the morning and then scoop it anytime we would eat it. The bad part is that it turns a little bit ugly on the serving but it is delicious anyway.

1 chicken breast with skin
3 eggs
½ medium onion
1 green onion
1/3 cup mirin
2/3 cup soyu
½ tbs sugar

How to prepare:
-cut the chicken into small chunks, set aside
-mix the mirin, soyu and sugar together and boil them in a large pan
-add the chicken and spread in evenly, cover it
-when the chicken is half done, add the chopped onion, cover
-whisk the chicken in a bowl and pour evenly in the pan


4 thoughts on “Oyako Don

  1. Yum yum! Love the plating too. I have all the ingredients minus the chicken with skin. Is it terribly important to make sure your chicken has skin?

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