Es Buah/Fruit in Ice

Serves 1

Es buah is an all time Indonesian favorite dessert. Served at home on special days and is Mie Bakso partner in crime. Each have their own favorite preparation method. Some likes to use rose or coco pandan syrup others like orange juice. I have tried them all and I think that this version was most profound of all. I could not remember in which house I had eaten this version but this was the one that gave a kick when drank under the hot sun. Yes, a blend of fruits, juice, sprite and ice. Yummy, great for the summer.

Es Buah
1 cup of assorted mixed fresh fruit
1/3 cup of sugar syrup
½ lime, only the juice
1 cup orange juice
1 cup sprite/ale/cider
1 cup ice

How to prepare:
-cut the mix fruit into small edible pieces
-mix all the ingredients in one bowl and serve
-decorate it with preserved cherries


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