The Versatile Blogger Award and My 200 Likes Badge Hooray!


Before I am going through my “Thank You!” speech on writings, let us go through..uuugghh what is the meaning of ‘Versatile’ anyway? Ok, I check on the online dictionary and it states that Versatile means “Capable of doing many things competently”. Oh my gosh, I am blushing :D. Thank you very much for the compliment. Out of all the bloggers awards roaming around I guess that the Versatile Award is the most popular and yes there are great bloggers out there, I totally agree!

Let me introduce you to Shrey and his blog “Food, Fun and Life“, hell yeah!! This really reflect my motto in life. Anyway, The first time I stumble upon Shreys’ blog was when I was looking for recipes that contains the ingredients “Chicken”. But when I looked around, this blog had many cool drinks recipes ya’ll,  press “follow” button. Thanks to “chicken”, without you I will not have found Food, Fun and Life..and many thank yous’ for the nomination.

Thank you to Sarwat’s Family Kitchen for nominating me again.  Sarwat is a Pakistani bloggers that provides you (almost daily) recipe spicy Asian cuisine, healthy and nutritious middle-eastern and Mediterranean dishes and of course a bit of traditional western gastronomic delights. If you are into this, I know I am follow Sarwat!

Thank you to Lovely Bun’s for you nomination. She is a Scottish blogger based in France and makes very good cooking, cakes, pastry anything baking and others of course. Always fresh ideas for festive seasons delights, you can’t miss lovely buns!

Many thanks to “CoolCookStyle
A nice way to close 2012 and welcome 2013. Sometimes through blogging you meet other bloggers that becomes great friends through the journey, one of them is my fellow bloggers at “CoolCookStyle”, based in NY bringing well observed funny articles about life down there. She just got her Doctoral degree on Food and French literature. If you are interested in anything about French food and wine, drop at her blog and push follow.
Thanks a lot to My Cooking Life by Patty, what and exiting blog…Cooking is her art, her creative expression and how she feeds herself, her family and her friends the most delicious food in the world. It is a theme that runs through her life. Now this is someone that you want to have for a neighbor, a great cook and some one that understand about savoir vivre. A creative blog that you want to follow.

As per the rules of Versatile Blogger Award I should tell 7 things about myself and nominate 15 blogs for the award.

7 things about me:
1. I’m a sexy momma !
2. I’m mad about ‘Shaun the Sheep’
3. The most sexiest man on earth is Mexican singer Alejandro Fernandez
4. I am listening to L’Arc and Ciel and Vamp
5. I am addicted to IPADs’ Tiny Village
6. I love hanging out in parks
7. I work well at night

The Awards goes to 15 blogs, in no particular order:
1. Gussy Blog
2. Hey Bernice
3. Seattle Food Shed
4. The Minty
5. Creative Noshing
6. Food Safari
7. Marinating Online
8. Fangalicious
9. Cooking with Kathy Man
10. Kolpona Cuisine
11. Food Trip
12. The big fat noodle
13. My food looks funny
14. Sarwat Family Kitchen
15. See Cup Cake Run

Tell them, I have nominated them..maybe on weekends, I am dead tired now, this is 2 PM in the morning.

6 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award and My 200 Likes Badge Hooray!

  1. Thanks Mama Miyuki for nominating Hey Bernice! It’s a lovely feeling (as I’m sure you know) to get acknowledge for something you to for love… Keep up the posts, they’re great.

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