Gyu Don

Serves 3

When the TV program here gets very boring, I sometimes tune to to watch Indonesian channel live streams. It’s a good update on restaurant reviews, vacation reviews and other pure entertaining broadcast. One day to my surprise one of Japanese pioneer in Gyu Don business – Yoshinoya entered the Indonesian market with their claim “Number 1 in Japan”. My daughter loves Yoshinoya and she can eat a small portion on her own.

Preparing Gyu Don is easy, all you have to do is add everything in the pan and let it simmer. Prepare warm rice in a bowl and then pour the gyu on top.The preparation is also very quick.

300 gr thin sliced sirloin
1 medium onion
1/3 cup soyu
2 tbs sugar
500 ml water

How to prepare:
-in a pan, boil water, soyu, sugar
-add the onion
-add the thin sliced sirloin
-cook for 20 minutes
-take out the white foam


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