Vietnamese Fried Lumpia

Makes 10 pieces

When I was still a teenager, I use to get picked up from school and we went to the Fridays’ market to buy groceries. Our number one spot to visit was the Vietnamese Lumpia stall manage by a Vietnamese couple. They sold it in a wagon. The options was with pork fillings or the vegetables one. We chose the veggies one because we don’t eat pork. It was really delicious, especially eaten in autumn and winter. Each of us could eat three of these goodies.Topped with sweet chili sauce. When my mom is not cooking, we would buy more to take home. I just can’t explain but we never get tired of eating it. I was just delish!

I tried various recipes and adjust some spices to find just the right level in my taste buds as far as I can remember. I understand that adding to much filling with increase the probability for the springroll sheet to tear but I just couldn’t help it. So the trick is, I filled it quickly, then fry it directly. Eat it with heaps of sweet chili sauce, yumm-EEE

The filling:
2 cloves of garlic
½ small onion
12 cm ginger
1 bag bean sprout
1 carrot
½ green onion
1 chicken breast
3 tbs sweet soy sauce
salt and pepper to taste
10 spring roll sheets

How to prepare:
-cut chicken into small chunks, set aside
-grate carrot into long thin pieces, set aside
-clean bean sprout from roots and soak in cold water
-cut ginger into long thin pieces, set aside
-cut green onion into thin slices, set aside
-in a blender mix  garlic and onion until paste
-heat oil to fry
-fry the garlic and onion paste until fragrant
-add the chicken, ginger, sweet soy sauce, salt and pepper ,fry until cooked
-add the bean sprout and carrot, sprinkle some more salt and pepper
-cover the pan  until its cooked, sprinkle the green onions
-take out the bean sprout and lay somewhere where the juice can drip
-let it cool and dry for a while

The lumpia:
-take one lumpia sheet and add 1 tbs beansprout  on the outer edge of the sheet
-fold the outer layer edge, the sides into the middle and roll forwards
-deep fry and take out when done

-Let the filling drain and really cool off because heat and moist break the springroll sheets
-freeze it for storage


8 thoughts on “Vietnamese Fried Lumpia

  1. A few tips:
    1.Buy a good brand for the spring roll papers (It took me 4 brands to get it correct)
    2.Drain the filling and make sure no heat, moist is presence
    3.Roll quick and fry directly
    4.Less filling will reduce the chances for it to crack

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