Serves 4

I had a lot of stuff in the kitchen but I was lazy to cook. So I was thinking of preparing something that can last a little longer. That why I made the balado, there are a lot of method of preparing and every region has its own characteristic but this recipe is very practical to make. So, at the end I’ve manage to make a combination of meat, boiled egg and fried potatoes balado hoping that it will last for 2-3 days. It didn’t turn out that way, it was gone in one day..he..he..oh well then I had to cook again

The Content:
300 gr meat/boiled eggs/potatoes
½ tsp tamarind paste
½ kefir lime juice
½ tsp salt

The Chili Balado
2 medium tomatoes:
2 tbs chili paste
1 small onion
½ tsp tamarind
1-2 tsp salt
½ tbs sugar (optional)

How to prepare:
The Content:
-cut the meat into thin slices
-dilute the tamarind paste, kefir lime juice and salt
-marinate it with the meat and set aside for 15 minutes
-fry the boiled eggs, set aside
-peel the  potatoes and slice thinly, put in a bowl of water
-drain the potatoes in batches then fry until dry and crispy, set aside
-take the meat in batches, get the juice out and fry, set aside

The Chili Balado:
-cut the edges of the tomatoes thinly 2 side
-put the tomatoes in a bowl and drain them in boiled water until the outer layer peels it self
-take out and blender it into a paste
-cut the onion into to pieces, make ½ as a paste and the other ½ into very thin slices
-heat pan with some oil, fry the onion and slice onions until fragrant
-add the chili paste and tomato paste, stir well
-add the tamarind, salt and sugar
-cook the chili paste until its thick
-add the fried meat, eggs and potatoes
-mix well


2 thoughts on “Balado

  1. Great flavors in this dish and it sounds like it would even be better the next day, if they saved any. I mentioned you on Bam’s Kitchen so a pingback should be coming your way. Take care, BAM

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