Salmon Salad Croissant

Serves 3

First of all I want to apologize that I posted the wrong picture for the wrong recipe. This picture is for the salmon salad croissant, I have changed the tuna egg salad sandwich picture. Please, do enjoy!

When I was just starting as a junior high student, my parents like to visit one of their friends. What I love about them is that they will serve salmon salad out of canned salmon and serve it with crackers. So because we came there often and even spending our new years eve at their place I memorized how to make them.

The school arrange a welcome party for the new junior high students. We were all divided into groups of 5. Drinks and disco was on them but dinner, they made a competition of it. They will provide chairs and tables, we had to decorate and bring our own dinner out of our own pockets.

So our group had this discussion,”We want to party with no fuss”. So the dialog -of I can’t remember who said it- goes like this:
X : “So, who wants to do lend the table cloth?”
Everybody: -Shake their head- “Neeeehhh, not me”
X : “No, problem, let’s skip the table cloth. How about lending the plates and glass???”
Everybody: -Shake their head- “Neeeehhh, not me”
X : “So, let’s agree that we will use paper disposals”
Everybody: -Nods-
B : “I will get them”
Me: “I will get the food, Since F can’t have salt I suggest we just make various salad spreads and have assorted bread with it, so we can monitor what goes in the bowl. For dessert, let just get assorted custards”
Everybody: -Nods-

So, the competition was on. All eyes were on our table. It was the worst looking table set with all disposal paper cups and plates on it. All other had set their tables with their parents best China ware, crystal and silver stuff. The juror can only shake their head in disgust when they came to our table and in return we gave them our innocent smile. The winner was the table right behind us. They had the set all correct with crystal glass set, silver spoon sets and blue Delft China.

But when it came to the eating part. We were pigging out and had a blast. We had all assorted French Baguettes, assorted bread and toast. For the salad we made egg salad, salmon salad, crab salad and had pate. For the drinks we had assorted juice and cider. For dessert assorted custard. The winning table was drooling looking that we enjoyed our dinner a lot. They asked whether we had extra, sure we had so we gave them half of all our dinner.After dinner we just dumped all in the garbage bin and had fun afterwards.

1 large can salmon
3 tbs chopped cucumber pickles
3 tbs chopped fresh onions (drain them in ice water if you want to get rid of the strong smell)
1 tsp lemon juice
salt and pepper to taste

How to prepare:
-add all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well

How to serve:
-add the salmon salad with bread, lettuce, tomato and cucumber


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