Martabak Telor

Makes 10 mini pieces

This happens when I wanted to heat up my lumpia’s by frying it again. It turns out that the skin texture of a cold lumpia taste almost the same with the skin of the mini martabak telor that I used to nimble for breakfast in the morning.

Some of you might be familiar with the word ‘martabak’ or ‘murtabak’, it sounds like a food from India. It was influenced from it, at least the dough making is still the same  as making the Indian murtabak or the Malaysian rotai cenai. In the morning bakery’s provide the mini version for breakfast and snacks with green chilis. At night people will sell the large one’s with a special pickle sauce.

There is no short cut, that’s what I have learned. Even though, I didn’t have to make the dough because I bought the pre-made spring roll sheets this took a little practice. The best thing is to drop the sheet when the oil is not so warm, pour the egg batter and close it as fast you can by folding the sides. Turn of the heat at the second flip and wait for a while to let the oil cool of before baking another one.

-8 spring roll sheets
-200 gr minced beef
-3 stalks thin green onions
-1 small onion
-2 clove garlic
-1 tsp curry powder
-4 large eggs
-1 tsp salt
-a dash of pepper

How to prepare:
-cut the green onions into small pieces and place in a bowl
-add the eggs in the same bowl
-cut the onions into small pieces and saute until golden brown
-add the minced beef
-add the curry powder, salt and pepper
-stirfry until cooked and add to the bow with egg mixture, mix well
-add deep fry oil and heat in very low flame
-add the spring roll sheet and scoop the egg mixture
-fold it close fast
-splash on the martabak and turn over when bottom is brown enough and turn off flame
-wait until the oil cool off before doing the next batch


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