Serves 2

I have a favorite takoyaki outlet “Gindaco”, the outlet offers various toppings like cheese and fish eggs/mentai, dashi, the original and many more. New taste are also provide once in a while. I tried making at home several times, my version was good but it hardly resemble my Gindaco outlet.  I tried a lot of recipe but focused more on  the batter. Then one day I visited once again to really taste a batch of takoyaki just to make sure what went wrong in my combination. It turned out that the sauce was the secret. Out of all recipes that I tried, this batter came closely enough, quite satisfactory. The sauce was more sweeter and caramelized compared to the pre-made bottled ones.

Takoyaki Batter:
1 ⅔ cup flour
2 ½ cup water
1 sachet dashi/fish stock
1 large egg
¾ cup chopped green onions

The fillings:
chopped boiled octopus, cheese blocks, fish balls, etc

the sauce:
⅓ cup sugar
½ cup okonomiyaki/worcester sauce
2 tbs water
2 cm ginger, take the juice only

How to prepare :
The Takoyaki:
-add add the takoyaki batter in a bowl and mix well
-heat the takoyaki pan with low heat
-add mixture and one octopus ball, wait until the bottom had cooked
-push the takoyaki half way, with the top of your spoon and add more batter
-repeat the process until you have a beautiful round ball, set aside

The sauce:
-add the sugar, okonomiyaki/worcester sauce, water and ginger juice
-boil until it becomes caramel

How to serve:
-add the takoyaki in a batch of 4 or six
-pour the sauce on top of it
-add mayonaise on top of the sauce
-sprinkle dried green onions
-sprinkle bonito flakes/katsuboshi


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