Setup Melon

Serves 4

My apologies for not posting any recipes last Friday, we had a typhoon passing not far from Sendai and rain was pouring like mad. Alas, I got so dizzy I couldn’t do anything until today.  To make up with you I will give you a tip that really works:

Tips: How to get smooth iron on clothes
Have you ever had that feeling of being discontented when you spray agents that promises to smooth up your clothes when ironing, especially those difficult shirts, but still the wrinkles are still there. Then you try all the products on the shelf and none satisfy you at all. Try this recipe, it made my day

2 tsp softener
1 tsp vinegar (not Dixie, for Indonesian)
water enough to fill the bottle

Do business as usual and you will see the magic!

Now, back to this recipe. I think most of you is familiar with melon and sago pearls. Well I am mad about it. The place that made me remember about the taste was a stall near my school. So, after school I would drop by to buy a bow of ‘setup melon’, they were very generous with everything so the taste was great.

The tapioca:
½ cup tapioca pearls
2 cups small diced melon
400 ml very light coconut milk
1 screwpine leaf

The syrup:
1 cup sugar
1 cup water

How to prepare:
The tapioca
-boil water and add the tapioca pearl
-when the white dot is gone, drain and place the tapioca in cold water, set aside
-boil the coconut milk in very low flame and add the screwpine leaf, set aside

The syrup:
-add sugar and water in a pan and boil until dissolved, set aside

How to serve:
When all is cool, place in the refrigerator
-in a storage box add the tapioca pearls, diced melon and coconut milk
-serve in a cup with ice, add the syrup then the tapioca pearls


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