Fruit Jelly

Makes 10 muffin size cups

Jelly and fruits, can or fresh people are mad about it and so is my toddler. When I go to the drug store, they just open large boxes full with assorted jelly. The next day a new batch will be replaced, meaning that in one day a whole box can be sold out. Gee wow, I’m not sure whether the market is mad about the jelly or if there is a perception that by having jellies as intake will reduce the amount of fat intake into the body. I really don’t know! But it sells. Today, I surveyed again the high end outlets and yes jellies are there too as fancy gifts. The different between the one sold in a pile and those in the high end market is that the former uses syrup and canned fruits whilst the latter uses real fresh juice and fresh fruit with some secret recipe developed by the owner or bought from some prominent farmer farmer from somewhere. The point is jelly sells!

Today, I will give you a simple recipe, my toddlers favorite, jelly and fruits, both fresh and canned combined. She ate it until with joy until at the end she got full and fell asleep.

1 sachet nutrijell (konyaku jelly)
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup assorted cut fruits (fresh or canned)
600 ml water

How to prepare:
-drain the canned fruit/chop fresh fruit and arrange in cups
-mix the nutrijell, sugar and water, add the syrup from the canned fruits if there is any
-stir well then start to heat up the pan
-stir until it comes to a boil, turn off heat
-add the acid fruit or drop it if you find it to sour
-pour into the cups
-let it cool


4 thoughts on “Fruit Jelly

  1. Yummy. This looks like such a refreshing dessert for this muggy heat wave we are having. Great post.

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