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Saw this post, “The Art of Translating Chinese Menus“, randomly and thought I’d share.  It belongs to The World of Chinese, a site about daily life, culture, language, travel, food etc in China.  And the writer is actually called Beijing (蓓静) – albeit in different tones!
As for the Engrish menu pics below, trust me, they’re standard fare in most Chinese cities…
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012 | By: Beijing Zhu (朱蓓静)

“Four Glad Meat Balls,” “Pork Flower,” “Red Burned Lion Head” and “Chicken without Sex” – these are just some of the funky names of Chinese dishes you may have stumbled across when consulting an English menu. Some will prove entirely incomprehensible while others will simply put you off your food, but whatever the result, poor translations are the cause.

Recently, the Beijing Foreign Affairs Office published a book with the awesomely…

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