Liebster Award



Thank you “EAT LOVER”
Wow, what a great way to start blogging after taking a short break for vacation. Vielen Dank, to my lovely friend blogger EAT LOVER, for nominating me the “Liebster Award”. She is a lovely Indonesian based in Germany and loves to share the food she prepares for her darling husband. What’s so unique about her post is that she is very creative with hear ingredients and usually result some fusion food. Sometimes, I go like “Hey, why didn’t I thought of that??” I enjoy a lot reading your blogs and eventually you might too…follow her 😉

Many Thanks also “Global Grazers
A nice and warm acknowledgement from respected fellow blogger. This fabulous blog that brings information about travel, food, festivals is managed by Jeanette, Rachel, Chloe, André and Patrice, a family. An American Expatriate that have lived on three continents over the past 14 years. Their adventure are fascinatingly recorded in this blog, do follow, you don’t want to miss it.

A Shout out to “CoolCookStyle
A nice way to close 2012 and welcome 2013. Sometimes through blogging you meet other bloggers that becomes great friends through the journey, one of them is my fellow bloggers at “CoolCookStyle”, based in NY bringing well observed funny articles about life down there. She just got her Doctoral degree on Food and French literature. If you are interested in anything about French food and wine, drop at her blog and push follow.

Whooaaa Another Liebster Award from “Hari’s Got Tales
Boy this blogger really got talent! His blog is fascinating as he juggles sharing you tales from his life, his philosophical thoughts and also recipes. He is of Cantonese descent living in Binjai North Sumatra, Indonesia. He speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkian, English and Indonesian. Follow this blogger to have a lot of amazing perspective you have never thought of.

Eleven facts about me :
1. I am expecting my second baby
2. My daughter has one Betta fish and two Guppies as her pet
3. My balcony garden consist of green chilies, lemon grass, mint, baby tomatoes, eggplant, basil, coriander, strawberries and water spinach
4. I am currently craving for Maltesers malt chocolate
5. My all time favorite movies are Coming to America and Mary Poppins
6. I am listening to Rebekkah Ferguson and Sami Yusuf
7. My favorite sport is swimming, skiing and horseback riding
8. I love buffets restaurants and parties
9. My favorite animals are cats
10. I have traveled in all continents except for Antartica
11. I speak 6 other languages besides Indonesian, namely: English, Dutch, German, French, Italian and Japanese

Questions from EAT LOVER:
1. What foods would you like to eat before you die?
I’d like to eat at all of 11 toughest restaurant to reserve: 1. Noma, Copenhagen, 2.Sukiyabashi Jiro, Japan, 3. Next, Chicago, Illinois, 4. Tickets, Barcelona, 5. Quintessence, Tokyo, 6. The Fat Duck, Bray, Berkshire, England, 7.Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, Brooklyn, New York, 8. minibar, Washington, DC, 9. Schwa, Chicago, Illinois, 10. The French Laundry, Yountville, California, 11. Yam’Tcha, Paris

2. Do you still remember what foods did you order for first date? Where is it?
Frappucinos and cappucinos, Bakoel Koffie, Jl. Cikini (Ha..ha..this question makes me laugh) and later proposed me in the same coffe shop but the branch near my house

3. Which place you’d love to visit but not accomplished yet?
Iceland and Russia

The Awards goes to:
1. Dentist Chef
2. Rufus’ Food and Spirits Guide
3. Zahlicious
4. Bangers and Mash
5. Sweet Pea’s Kitchen

Questions for my nominees:
1. With only 45 minutes to prepare, which salad, main menu and dessert would you prepare?
2. What was the most challenging episode in your life and how did you cope with it?
3. How do you unwind from stressful situations?

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