Mayonaise Pudding

Makes 6 small cups

Gee, I never thought that mayonnaise can be a great ingredient for making pudding. I was watching television, this episode broadcasted women from a local village in Japan. It showed the harvest of the local products such as shitake mushroom, carrots, cabbage and more. After wards, the women were gathered in an open door kitchen set and showed how to turn those products into some local specialties. To my surprise, one made mayonnaise pudding and decorated with sweetened shitake mushroom. The TV host was so surprised, so was I but was delighted to taste it.

I tried remaking it with water and milk as base, the one with milk taste better. The next lesson was to use mayonnaise that is basically already sweet from the beginning, less oily is better. Whisk through boiling to dissolve the mayonnaise with the milk. It goes great if you cut it diced then add into some fresh fruit salad. Enjoy..


600 ml milk
6 tbs sweet non oily mayonnaise
3/4 cup sugar

How to prepare:
-add on ingredients in a pan and dilute
-heat pan and keep whisking until in comes to a boil
-add into cups and let it cool off
-cool in the refrigerator


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