Stir Fry Tuna Bitter Melon

Serves 2

I am still in the mood to stir up some cooking based with summer veggies, bitter melon or in Indonesia we call it ‘pare’ is much prepare as homy food. Commercially, they will end up in lunch buffets and not more than than. Here, in Japan, I see it in high end restaurants serve as a set. Lightly boil and seasoned with good quality soy sauce, combined with tofu, and sprinkled with katsuboshi. In Indonesia, different island has their own preference of preparation. Some keep the bitterness to boost appetite other like to get rid of the bitterness and add so many ingredients until it losses its’ taste.

This recipe is a typical way of how Javanese people like to serve bitter melon. They will get rid of the bitterness by adding salt and squeezing the juice out. Usually, it will be accompanied with small fresh shrimps but in this case I found out that using can tuna taste also good.

1 bitter melon
1 tbs salt

3 cloves garlic
1/2 tbs sugar
1 tsp salt
1/2 tbs sambel bajak
1/2 tsp canned tuna/fresh shrimps
5 small chilies
1/2 cup katsuboshi (optional)

How to prepare:
-cut the bitter melon into half and clean the inside
-then cut into thin slices
-in a bowl add the bitter melon and salt
-squeeze the juice out of the bitter melon
-rinse, set aside

-cut the garlic into thin pieces and saute in light oil
-add the canned tuna, sugar, salt
-add the bitter melon, chilies and cover the pan
-open and stir evenly
-add the katsuboshi (optional)


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