Heiroku Sushi Chain

Heiroku Sushi

If you are interested to try some sushi chain in Japan, one of those chain with reasonable price is “Heiroku Sushi”. The sushi and other menus are served in conveyor belt sushi or you can order directly if the sushi wish is not available. An interesting fact is that the serving with conveyor belt was invented in Sendai and spread around Japan. This chain is quite popular among the foreign residents here in Sendai as most are students and go for that reasonable price and good taste. They have a variety of choices ranging from 80Y to 280 Y. The plate color serves as price coding. If you have finished your meal, ask for the waiter to count the plates before paying to the cashier. For each 1000 Y you eat, you will get a 100Y discount coupon, where you can use next time you visit the store again. Kids can choose a small present on the way out.

The conveyor belt serving sushi, special dashi soyu and wasabi. Hot water and ocha powder is also available on the table with other additional flavors.

These are our family favorites, otsukimi isonori – on the left and otsukimi maguro – on the right, both served with quail yolk, creamy indeed.

The avocado selections here are avocado ebi mayo and avocado kani.

California rolls

Sake Dukushi and honmaguro tyuutoro

negitoro and kani miso

Atsugiri Gyuutan provided by Beko Masamuna, the selection is shio or miso

nattou gunkan and some salad

Assorted in season ice creams, on the left is berries and ramune or the right


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