Chicken Tika Bagels

Serves 3

Lately, I have been craving Mark and Spencer sandwiches. Gee.. my family loves products sold at M&S, it was their various bath and body products that made Mark and Spencer popular in Indonesia. Their lingerie are very comfortable and last very long, so we wouldn’t have to buy new ones very often. At the end we loved their cookies and snacks, and would stock it weekly together with their whole wheat sandwiches with filling ranging from chicken tikka, prawn mayo, chicken salad and many more. Three days in a week, M & S would be my lunch box and I was lucky again that one of my class mate mom use to bring M & S sandwiches for her but she doesn’t like to eat so she will give it to me (grin) with open heart my darling..he…he..he.. so, I will have 3-4 sandwiches in a day, how happy I was..

I had bagels in the fridge and Shan Tikka powder in the cupboard, so I was inspired to assemble chicken tikka bagels ala Mark and Spencer which was simple and fast to make. After the chicken tikka is ready, I cool it then mix it with the chutney and leave it in the fridge to cool of. Then I heat the bagels, cut into half then assemble the whole stuff. Great for hot weather.

1 chicken breast
3 tbs Shan Tikka powder
1/2 tbs ginger paste
1 tsp garic paste

3/4 yoghurt
2 tbs fresh mint
1 tsp lime juice
a dash off paprika
salt, pepper and sugar to taste

3 Bagels

How to prepare:
-marinate chicken breast with Tikka powder, ginger paste, garlic paste and a dash of salt for 2 hours
-bake or grill the chicken until tender and dry (15 minutes)
-cool of and tear into thin pieces, set aside

-add all the chutney ingredients in a bowl and mix well
-add the chicken tikka and mix well

How to assemble:
-cut the bagels into 2 pieces
-arrange the lettuce
-add the chicken tikka


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