Grand Buffet, Natori Aeon Mall, Sendai

Grand Buffet Restaurant
Very often in my previous post, I always tell you how I really miss eating in buffet settings because back in Indonesia every week, especially from Friday to Sunday my family will get so many wedding invitations to attend and most of them will go all out with the catering and the decorations. Going out on buffet in the City can be very expensive, starting from 1500Y-3500Y, it is just the same as pigging out in ordinary restaurants, so we are looking for some added value here. The best alternative is to go out to malls outside town. One of our favorite is “Grand Buffet” located in Natori Aeon Mall – Sendai.

The access to this mall is so convenient as the Sendai Airport Line passes adjacent to the mall. From Sendai Station it only cost 400Y and get off at Morisekinoshita Station. There will be a bridge connecting directly to the mall and it is only one more stop from the airport. So, if you are looking for a place to kill time and buy something with reasonable price before flying back out of Sendai, this is a good spot.

My family have been trying several buffets around Sendai. Price, taste and service wise, Grand Buffet stands outs as a family buffet restaurant. The buffet provides western and Japanese cuisine that is fresh and tasty. What they provide are a salad bar with assorted dressing, tofu and assorted toppings, pizza and assorted bread as appetizer.

As main course, the restaurants provides assorted warm dishes such as tomato chicken, assorted pasta, fish cutlets, and pork dishes.

If you dine in for dinner roast beef will also be served in certain times. So be sure to stand in the line as it is served for limited time.

As for the Japanese selections, ramen and its assorted soup; cold udon, the sauce and assorted toppings; Japanese rice and assorted vegetables, pickles, and seafood toppings are available. In limited times, the sushi bar will be open with selections of toppings and you can get a portion for your family.

After having enjoyed all the good food, it’s time to wrap up with some sweet desserts. The selections consist of assorted pudding and jellies; fruit cuts in sugar syrup; assorted fresh fruits; assorted cakes and Japanese dango and its assorted toppings. My favorites is baby tomatoes in syrup. They also have a soft ice machine ready where you can add your favorite toppings. this time you are stuffed and happy to know that the bill will not kill your pockets…ha..ha..ha..The price for lunch is 1,470円/person and dinner 1,680円/person. If you pig out in the city like the meals I have shown you above, you will have to spend between 3000-4000円/person..My family really love this restaurant.


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