Sweet and Sour Fried Tilapia

Serves 2

When you are worn out after work and feel like eating warm fragrant rice with something sweet and tangy, fried Tilapia in sweet and sour sauce can be a great option. It is a popular dish sold in night stalls but also in restaurants, Indonesians’ love it. I was scrolling down wordpress reader, when a blogger posted that actually Tilapia is an invasive species and can reproduce fast. It could be a nightmare for the conservationist but, hey why not open an ‘all you can eat’ Tilapia outlet near there..he..he..these fish is good grilled, fried, souped anything you can think of.

The sling that I tried to combine in the making is the salty, garlic taste of dried fried Tilapia combined with the sweet and sour toppings that is also crunchy. Just yummy, you might want to try it for dinner.

300 gr Tilapia
1 lime (take the juice)
1 tbs salt
3 tsp garlic paste

2 cloves garlic
300 ml water
5 tbs Ketchup
2 tbs sweet chili sauce
1 tbs sugar
salt and pepper to taste
3 cm ginger
1 green onion
1 small onion
1/2 red paprika
1/2 yellow paprika
1 small cucumber
2-3 tbs corn starch

How to prepare:
-Clean the Tilapia, wash and drain
-marinate with lime juice
-in a small plate combine salt and garlic
-marinate the tilapia with salt and garlic, leave for 15-20 minutes
-heat deep fry oil, fry the Tilapia on both side until crispy
-take out, drain, set aside
-cut the ginger into small long pieces, set aside
-cut the green onions into 3 cm pieces, set aside
-cut the paprikas into 1 cm dices, set aside
-cut the cucumber into small long pieces, set aside
-heat oil and saute the garlic until fragrant
-crush the garlic with the side of your knife then cut into small pieces
-add water, ketchup, chili sauce, sugar, salt and pepper, stir gently until bubbles
-add the cucumber, paprikas, green onion, and onions
-dilute corn starch with cold water and pour in the sauce little by little while keep stirring
-turn off heat when you achieve the consistency you desire

-decorate on a plate lettuce
-add the Tilapia
-pour the sweet and sour sauce


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